$20 Add-On

* Takes Only 20 Minutes

* Penetrative Thermal Processing

* Color-Safe

* Lasting Benefit

Provides critical care for damaged hair. Restores the structural framework that critically damaged hair lacks. Reinforces areas of the hair that have been destroyed by damage/neglect.   

$10 Add-On

* Takes Only 5 Minutes

* Lasting Results

* Color-Safe

* Customized To Your Needs

The Strength, Moisture or Volume Power Boosters allow us to customize the treatment based on your unique hair type, condition, and hair needs.   


Get Ready...

For complete customer bliss with our array of professional in-salon treatments, each designed to make your hair look its best.  Restore your natural shine and get rid of any unwanted build-up or hard water debris.   LANZA's Advanced Healing Technology takes our treatments to a new level of healing, all in just 15 minutes or less! 

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