$10 Add-On

* Takes Only 10 Minutes

* Helps Repair Split Ends

* Contains Bamboo Marrow

Helps restore hair’s natural resistance.  With successive treatments the hair fiber gains improved structure. 

Nutritive Essential Oil Treatment

Nourishing Essential Oils for Dry Hair

* Rich texture  *Hair is soft and shiny, well-nourished  *Oriental, fruity, floral, delicious fragrance

​​Get Ready...

For complete customer bliss with our array of professional in-salon treatments, each designed to make your hair look its best.  Restore your natural shine and get rid of any unwanted build-up or hard water debris.   Repair your hair, and add volume. 

We offer both L'ANZA and ALFAPARF MILANO treatments to take your hair to a new level of healing, all in just 15 minutes or less! 

SOS Emergency Hot Oil Treatment

Reconstruction Treatment for Damaged Hair

* Kind, rich texture  *Incredible feeling of softness *Hair fiber is restructured and nourished  *Citrus, floral, woody, musky fragrance

Reparative Lotion Treatment

Fiber Restructure Treatment for Damaged Hair

*Rich texture  *Incredible feeling of softness  *Gradually delivers strengthening agents  *Citrus, floral, woody, musky fragrance

$20 Add-On

* Takes Only 20 Minutes

* Penetrative Thermal Processing

* Color-Safe

* Lasting Benefit

Provides critical care for damaged hair. Restores the structural framework that critically damaged hair lacks. Reinforces areas of the hair that have been destroyed by damage/neglect.   

$20 Add-On

* Takes Only 20 Minutes

* Penetrative Thermal Processing

* Repairs Deepest Damage

* Lasting Benefit

Repairs damaged hair and gives it renewed strength.  With each treatment, the hair fiber gains structure.   

​​$10 Add-On

* Takes Only 10 Minutes

* Good For All Hair Types

* With Urban Defense Pro, a Pollution Defense

Restores the optimal level of hydration in the hair fiber.  Dry hair looks healthy, soft and silky again.  

$10 Add-On

* Takes Only 5 Minutes

* Lasting Results

* Color-Safe

* Customized To Your Needs

The Strength, Moisture or Volume Power Boosters allow us to customize the treatment based on your unique hair type, condition, and hair needs.   


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