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Below are a sampling of 

estimated, starting prices 

Final price may vary

All pricing includes shampoo, blowout and finish.  All men's services include hot towel and complimentary beard trims upon request. 






A More Accurate Price Estimate May Be Offered Following a 

Complimentary Consultation



All Cuts Include Blowout

A LANZA Ultimate or Emergency Treatment Add-On Is Recommended- Ask Your Stylist

Men's Cut (Classic, Deluxe, or Royale)  Details
Women's Cut  6


A LANZA Ultimate Deep Conditioning Treatment Add-On Is Recommended- Ask Your Stylist

All-Over Color- Solo Service 
All-Over Color- With Other Color Services
All-Over Color- Express Retouch 1    Details
Express Retouch and Haircut 1$115$115NA
All-Over Color- Pull Through (Short /Long)
Highlights- Foil or Balayage Method (Full)$100$100$135
Highlights- Foil or Balayage Method (Partial)$75$75$135
Highlights/Lowlights- Foil/Balayage (Spill) 2
Root Lift (Dry, 2-Step Method) 2$140$140$190
Toner (With Other Color Service)$30$30$35
Specialty Color (Fashion Colors, Pastels)
Men's Complete Grey Coverage  $50$50NA
Men's Camouflage 10-min Grey Blending$30$30NA
Cut + LANZA Ultimate or Emergency Treatment
Women's Cut + All-Over Color
Women's Cut + All Over Color + "Spill" Weave 3
Blowout + LANZA Ultimate Treatment$50$50$95
Blowout + LANZA Emergency Treatment
Men's Complete Grey Coverage + Classic Cut$80$80NA
Men's Camouflage Grey Blending + Classic Cut$60$60NA


All Treatments Priced As A Compliment To Your Cut/Color/Blowout Service

LANZA 5-Minute Ultimate Treatment   Details$10$10$10
LANZA Emergency Thermal Treatment   Details$20$20$20
ColorPHlex Damage Inhibitor and Repair 4$15$15$15
Dikson Forte' Keratin Strength Vial Treatment$10$10$10
Shampoo + Blowout

Make-Up 5

Exclusively with Suzanne Agis, Founder of 

Face To Face Makeup Art and Education

Hair Extensions *

Color Correction *

De-Coloring *
Brazilian Blowout *
Bang Trims- Current Clients Only Please

1st Free,

then $15

1st Free, 
then $15

1st Free, 
then $15


1 Our Express Retouch service features our MEGIX-10 10-minute color, and affords a grey-coverage application, shampoo and blowout within an hour.  Exclusively for use with our Express Color Retouch service, it offers a limited palette of color and may not be suitable for all clients.  Additionally, this service must be limited to approx 1" or less of regrowth, be at or darker than your natural level, and is generally limited to brunettes, rich reds and raven color spectrums.   Ask your stylist if this service is the right fit for your coloring and retouch regimen.  This service is reserved for current clients ONLY, following a consultation with your stylist.  Once it's been determined your color goals fit with the Retouch palette options, you may avail yourself of an Express Color Retouch booking option.  You may click to request this evaluation on any online booking or ask your stylist during your booked session.  CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

2 "Spill" highlights or lowlights must be accompanied by another, complimenting color service (ie. AOC color) and are limited to 10-12 foils or the balayage equivalent, only.

All-Over color, when combined with highlights (spill, partial, or full) will often require a tone.  Most dry Root Lift services also require a tone finish.  In these events a lower-priced "Toner With Other Color Service" surcharge is usually appropriate..

4 All ColorPHlex color/lightener add-in treatments are paired with a complimentary LANZA Ultimate treatment, with a particular emphasis on strength-building.

5 For advanced, special occasion makeup services, our Key Makeup Artist, Suzanne Agis (a 20+ M.A.C. veteran and Founder of Face To Face Makeup Art and Education) may be booked.  Please CLICK HERE to book this service.

6  Scott M charges $100 in the event your hair is particularly long (well below bra strap) or particularly dense, thick, or coarse.  PARTICULARLY APPROPRIATE if you cut your hair once or twice per year.   Adds extra time and focus to your appointment and includes gratis thermal styling.


In addition to the Credit Card Surcharge (if appropriate), your final pricing may include deep conditioning treatments with your color or haircut, keratin vial treatments as necessary following a color service, and damage-inhibiting treatments added to your color or lightener.  These are generally small surcharges between $5-10 each.

* Each stylist has a minimum charge for "color-only" or "color and cut" services based on 2.5-3.0 hrs per appointment, commensurate with their their earned price point.  For Associate-level stylists, this is approximately $70/hr.  The minimum hourly rate for services with Scott M is higher, while the Apprentice-level pricing is lower.  Should your color service require additional time and materials and exceed the general usual timing for the service booked, or in the event additional services are elected or additional materials are commensurate with the service, a surcharge will be added to to compensate for service overtime, such additional materials as necessary, and other misc.charges as appropriate.    

*  For color services, an additional surcharge may apply for all-over coloring pull-thru services, "spill" highlights with AOC color, extra color, high-lift procedures, toners, and highlight/lowlight and root lift add-on services.  SEE ABOVE for detail.

* Ombre' style services are offered at a special price point, depending on base/lightening/toning requirements.  Ask your stylist.

* Bridal services are not listed here.  Please visit our  Bridal Page  for a custom estimate. 

* Children's services are performed ONLY for our current adult clients.

* For items marked "QUOTE", please book a consultation appointment

*  A small, additional surcharge may apply for thermal styling (iron, rod, flat-iron, hot rollers), or extra long/thick hair.  

Please visit our Policy Page for additional details and information.

Service Pricing

Each stylist's Pricing Level is commensurate with their tenure at the studio, experience, learned skill sets,  and additional education completed- including, but not limited to

completed apprenticeships with Scott M. 


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