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Personal Studio of KUED-TV's Key Hairstylist and Celebrity Fashion Hairdresser 

Scott M
and His Talented Protégés

Your privacy, and that of our staff, are important to us- as is the integrity of your personal information.  Our salon Rules of Professional Conduct forbids any staff member from requesting, possessing, or using your personal contact information (email / cell phone / social media details), and may not contact you for any reason other than salon-related business.  Only Scott M or his administrative staff are allowed access to, and use of this information.

From requesting or exchanging personal cell, email, or social media details with any staff member and don't offer yours to our employees.

Requesting or Accepting Your Personal Information May Result In An Employee's Termination

All current and pending clients are automatically added to our mailing​ list.  This is used for important communications, as well as to inform our clientele of promotions and periodic policy updates and other, informative and helpful messages.  Your personal email details are closely protected by our salon and database administrators.  You may easily opt-out at any time.


ALL booking requests with salon Associate Staff in general, and with Scott M specifically require a credit card to be held safely on file.   This payment information will be held securely on file and may be used for your convenience in the future for "Sign And Dash" payments, special event registrations, and all telephone/email product purchases, pre-orders, special orders and gift certificate purchases.  It will also be used to facilitate enforcement of our Cancellation Policy (see below).

Clients who don't wish their bank card be held on file may choose instead to prepay for their services

by purchasing a gift certificate for their own use.



We are a small, private studio with a busy schedule.  Short-notice cancellations or reschedules, and "No Shows" are especially destructive to our day.  When you ask us to book time on our schedule for your own needs, we pledge to be here, ready and prepared for you.  Additionally, when you book time on our calendar you force other clients to seek alternate scheduling arrangements because the day/time has been dedicated to your own services, exclusively.


We are unable to accommodate same-day cancellations and no-shows. This includes complimentary consultation bookings.  A call in lieu of your attendance is kindly requested 24 hours prior to your booking (or in the event you've booked a Brazilian Blowout or keratin smoothing service, 48 hrs) and, failing this, a fee will be charged against your bank card on file.  Effective Nov 2023 this will be:

  • Minimum of $30 men's haircut
  • Minimum of $50 women's haircut
  • 50% of booked color service charges
  • 50% of all other anticipated charges not listed above
  • Minimum of $80 for color-only, or cut and color services (AOC-only will be charged $50)
  • ​Minimum of $30 for booked shampoo + blowouts
  • Late Cancel fees are never less than $25 and may be more at the discretion of management and the type of service- particularly if not rebooked.
  • If you book a complimentary consultation appointment, and DO NOT SHOW or LATE CANCEL, you'll be charged $30.  You may avoid this and all other fees by timely requesting a reschedule or cancellation.
  • Late cancellations, no-shows and late reschedules of smoothing services are charged a minimum of 30% of the anticipated billing.

If appropriate, and at the discretion of management or Scott M, for cut/color or color-only and smoothing services booked you'll be billed the appropriate charge, and a convenient link will be provided for payment.  In the event your bank card is on file, you'll be charged automatically, and a sales receipt emailed to you.  In any event charges must be paid within 24 hours of your missed appointment.  If you are invited to re-book your appointment, the following will apply (men's haircuts, women's cuts, blowouts and consultations are excepted; NO refunds or credits are given):

  • A 25% refund will be issued to your client account upon your successful reschedule of your missed appointment.  Your reschedule must be made within 3 days of your missed appointment, for a date no further than 3 weeks from the date of your missed appointment.
  • An additional 25% refund of your paid charges will be issued (50% total credit), upon your successful attendance of your rescheduled appointment.  This will also be issued as a credit on your account, and applied in whole the day of your rescheduled appointment.

If payment is not received, your balance may be forwarded to our attorney for collection.  We reserve the right to remove all offered credits should such action be necessary, and the full amount due plus costs of collection (including but not limited to attorney's fees) will be owed.


We must unfortunately charge a moderate surcharge of 3% for all client credit/debit card payments to recover similar fees charged by credit card processing companies.  All credit/debit cards are always welcome, however you are welcome to avoid this nominal processing surcharge when paying via cash or check.

Our automated system will attempt to send you reminders first via email, then text, and finally via an automated phone call, respectively until you confirm your attendance beginning 7 days prior to your appointment.  You may cancel any further reminder(s) by confirming your appointment in response to any particular reminder sent.

Please be advised that new clients who have received several reminders without confirming

their first appointment risk having their appointment cancelled.  Additionally, should ANY client ignore direct communication from Scott M or his administrative staff regarding important messages related to their appointment, they risk having their booked session summarily cancelled. 

Please carefully note your planned appointment in your personal calendar.  Failure to receive a reminder is not regarded as an excuse for your absence to an appointment scheduled at your request.  For your convenience, most text and email correspondence related to your bookings provide you with a convenient link to add your appointment to your own calendar.

Each stylist has a minimum charge for "color-only" or "color and cut" services based on 2.5-3.0 hrs per appointment vis-a-vis their earned price point.  For our stylists, this is between $75-$150/hr.  The minimum hourly rate for services with Scott M is higher, while apprentice-level services are lower.  Should your color service require additional time and materials and exceed the general usual timing for the service booked, or in the event additional services are elected or additional materials are commensurate with the service, a surcharge will be added to to compensate for service overtime, such additional materials as necessary and other misc. charges per your stylists earned price point. ~as of 1/1/2023 and subject to change.

Click To View Current Minimum Charges



We Do Our Own Artistic Work, and Don't Copy Other Artist's Work

While photographs can be a useful communication too, they can also be a hindrance.  We also prefer to use words, and helpful descriptions within a constructive and informative client/stylist dialogue to ascertain:

1. What is reasonably achievable. 

2. What the stylist is comfortable with doing vis-a-vis their skill sets, the materials available, and session time constraints.

3. What is do-able within the client's budget.

4. The extent of damage the target look may, in fact, be difficult to avoid.

5. The "fit" of the target look as regards the client's hair, lifestyle, career, and the styling regimen required, etc.

Hair cutting and coloring is a very complicated art and your current hair, its condition, and other factors may not provide a reasonable expectation of success in an attempt to do so.  Do not be fooled by photographs- most of the looks you find are the result of editing, filtering, and the look may be the result of enormous expense and hours of hard endeavor, may be the result of multiple sessions, and multiple stylists.  The look you've chosen for yourself may be completely impracticable. 

We will NEVER agree nor contract to exactly reproduce a look you have found on the internet, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets, or photos with exemplars of your coloring from 10+ years previous, and no employee is permitted to make a declaration in contravention to this.  This includes upstyles, cutting, and coloring.  If you point to a photo that you've found on the internet and want us to transform you into that image, we'll FIRST tell you if the look is achievable, and if we are comfortable with our ability to achieve that goal.  If we agree to move forward with the service, we'll strive arduously to achieve the goal- but if it cannot be achieved, either in a single or over multiple sessions, you agree and understand that we will have done our best.  If the finished look is not what you interpret from the photograph, or via discussions with your stylist, you agree and understand we will have provided our best efforts for you, and we understand you may need to avail yourself of another salon/stylists services in your continued quest to achieve that look.  Our services are not contingency-based, or reliant on our ability to match a target look.  in booking your appointment, you agree and pledge to pay us for our services and hard work- not whether or not it exactly matches said target look.

Most hair coloring successes are the result of color journeys, and are NOT a result of a single-session event. Our staff make careful record of your cut, techniques employed, materials used, timings observed, and more.  Rest assured that all colors and cuts can easily be adjusted on your next scheduled appointment.

  • You agree and understand that you are paying us for our time, materials and expertise in attempting to perform your requested services.  However, while our best efforts to do so are pledged, using the products available to us and utilizing our varied experience and training to complete your look to your satisfaction, numerous variables (many outside our control) may exist and therefore NO GUARANTEES, express or implied, are given regarding the final result, particularly as it pertains to client requested final/targeted look results.  This includes and applies to all cuts, colors, smoothing services, up-styles and thermal styling.  Color formulations, applications, processing can be difficult, even for a professional- and results may vary.  In requesting a booking for our time and services you consent, agree to and understand these terms and policies.  Our policy for requested re-attempt(s) adjustments to your cut, color, or other services is outlined below.  This especially applies to corrective coloring, referenced further below.  
  • As outlined above, we DO NOT copy another stylist's work with respect to color, cuts, etc, but will instead provide our own interpretation of it, at our discretion, taking into account variables (such as client's current hair type, condition, materials needed, time allotted, degree of risk as regards potential hair damage, and declared client budgets, and including, but not limited to the stylists skill, training, and a balanced reasonable expectation of achieving the look) that are presented at the time of the appointment.  Caution is added in that while said targeted looks may be communicated to our stylist via a client-supplied digital photograph, no stylist may guarantee a faithful replication of the look as communicated via said photo(s).  The practicable reproduction of any look, color, cut etc will be limited to the stylists own reasonable expectation of achieving the target look and will be adjusted given the above variables and precautions.
  • ​CORRECTIVE COLORING:  Please note we offer NO GUARANTEES with respect to this form of service request.  While our best efforts, techniques, experience and materials will be used to correct your pre-existing color status/condition during your initial service, we cannot guarantee the outcome of our attempts to rectify your coloring outside our studio.  It is understood therefore that you are paying us for said best efforts, time and materials to do so- regardless of outcome.
  • We do NOT provide refunds, whole or in part, for professional services rendered.  We are always available to you should you feel an adjustment is needed, and the adjustment or correction cannot await until your next service appointment.  In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your services, we will, at our discretion and the approval of Scott M, offer follow-up services to adjust cuts and/or colors to better accommodate the client's needs, with such services being at no, or very low cost to the client, depending on the nature of the adjustment, the time involved in the follow-up service, and provided the service is in keeping with the original design goal.  All such requests for cut/color adjustments must be requested within 3 days of the original service.  Thereafter you agree, and we understand that you are satisfied with your service(s) and subsequent services will be at-cost, at our usual pricing.  On any such occasion, the follow-up services will be provided by the SAME STYLIST as originally performed the service.  


  • A small, additional surcharge may apply for thermal styling (iron, rod, flat-iron, hot rollers), or extra long/thick hair.   
  • Your first Bang Trim is complimentary after your haircut.  Successive trims are then $15 per visit until your next regular appointment. 
  • In addition to the Credit Card Surcharge (if appropriate), your final pricing may include deep conditioning treatments with your color or haircut, keratin vial treatments as necessary following a color service, and damage-inhibiting treatments added to your color or lightener.  These are generally small surcharges between $5-10 each.
  • In some instances a small surcharge may be appropriate for your initial or all-over color service related to manual pull-thru, etc.
  • "Spill" highlights are offered as an add-on to other, regular color services ONLY and is offered only when combined with such services as an alternative to a second-process full or partial weave.  This is limited to 10-12 foils ONLY.
  • Up-styles are generally performed on dry, straightened hair please.  If a shampoo and blow-dry is also needed a reduced price shampoo/blow-dry charge will be added.  
  • Our client color formulations, techniques and materials used are proprietary to the studio, and are NOT shared except as approved by studio administration.
  • Child haircuts are offered for the children of existing clients ONLY.  The salon is generally an adults-only environment and some equipment, chemicals, and fixtures may offer a hazard to small children.  Owing to liability regulations, infants may never be held in a client's lap during any service (think scissors, razors, chemicals, and hair). Only well-behaved children in the salon please.
  • Dogs, cats or pets of any kind are not allowed in the salon, per health code restrictions.  Exceptions allowed for children and registered support animals.  See above item.
  • All prices are based on average length and density.  Especially long, dense or damaged hair may result in a moderate additional fee.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion, and all prices are subject to change.
  • We are not responsible for personal items lost or left at the salon and assume no liability whatsoever for their loss.
  • We ask that audio media playback via tablets, laptops, and telephones be restricted to headphone and earplug use as it conflicts with existing salon music and the resulting cacophony is generally uncomfortable to staff/other clients.  If necessary, a headset will be provided for you or your supervised children by the salon, for this purpose.
  • We do not offer "trims-only" or "express" services.  All services offered at the salon are full-service at full-tariff pricing.  Discounts, wavers, service gifts and other discounts and promos for any services or product sales are at the sole discretion of Scott M and are authorized by him ONLY. 
  • Salon clients are HEREBY NOTICED to use an appropriate level of caution to avoid slips and falls on the studio floor and stairs, particularly during rain and snow periods.  During these times an absorbent wipe rug is provided for your use, and your wet footwear may be exchanged for comfortable and dry booties/slippers before entering the main floor of the studio.
  • Retail orders for items not stocked, or for expedited orders of items out of stock, require a pre-payment or deposit in advance.
  • We do NOT refund retail purchases, but in the unlikely event you are unhappy with your retail purchase, we will gladly provide you with a retail credit toward other retail purchases- provided the items are returned timely, in good order and are mainly unused.  
  • VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHIC ACTIVITY NOTICE:  Television, video, and photographic camera crews and individuals may be filming, photographing and/or videotaping areas and/or individuals and groups on site in relation to various general, specific, and ad-hoc events, public and private activities, promotions, parties, and other events including but not limited to general salon activities.  All rights therein and all elements and versions including, without limitation, any modified and/or abbreviated versions thereof are the sole property of M. Scott Salon, LLC.  If you do not want to be videotaped, photographed, or recorded please inform us immediately.  Otherwise, your presence constitutes your consent to be recorded and portrayed in connection with these activities and events and/or for an other purpose whatsoever and you release M. Scott Salon, LLC and/or its agents, employees assigned or approved production companies, and all media and their respective related and affiliated assigns, entities, successors, licensees and representatives from any liability for loss or damage to persons or property or for infringement of any rights, and you expressly authorize and permit the use of your name, voice, and likeness and all reproductions thereof for any purpose whatsoever throughout the world, in perpetuity, and any and all media, and without limitation and without compensation or claim whatsoever.

Studio Policies


Please, Let's Respect Privacy, Courtesy and

Professional Boundaries. 

You may find it convenient, but if we're NOT working, we're with our families and friends. If we ARE working, we're with clients and are focused on that client's needs.

To Create an appointment,Book Online or Call/Text the Salon.  To Reschedule or Cancel an Appointment, simply input the appropriate response to any reminder you've received​.

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