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Scott M
and His Talented Protégés

Client Comments

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Wade W

Customer Service, Environment, Quality of Service, and Wait Time- All 5-Star.  Excellent service, wonderful environment and very friendly.


From the time I entered the salon, I was treated with so much kindness and care. Steve made sure to take all the time needed to listen to what I wanted to share about my hair. He did an awesome job on the color and after styling it one way, rinsed my hair and showed me another way to style my hair. I have never had that. In fact, most hair stylists seem to be rushed. I am new to Utah and Steve was very helpful with suggestions of restaurants , hiking trails, etc. I also was very impressed with the owner, Scott, who called me the night before my appointment to discuss my hair and also gave me some pointers. I would highly recommend this salon with no reservations. I'm sold!

Michelle L.

The Customer Service, Environment, Quality of Service and Wait Time are all 5-Star!  The care that was taken shows in my hair. Felt in my heart! Lol it's mushy but it's true! Thanks Steven and Scott for a wonderful experience!

Lilly P.

M Scott Salon gives great hair cuts! I am very happy with mine. To get 8 inches cut off was $$ and it was so worth it! The people there are so nice and understanding when you change your mind. My favorite salon!


Kinneah H
Absolutely loved this place. Steve is amazing. He did a phenomenal job at my hair and it feels healthier and prettier than ever. Highly recommend if you want quality hair care.

Ami J.
I went to the salon on limited notice and they fit me in after my workday, which was after 6 p,m,.  Steve first consulted me with what I wanted (color) and he proceeded to work on my hair. He was polite and kind and obviously knew what he was doing.  In the end, it wasn't quite the color that I was hoping for, so I called after a few days of sleeping on it, they scheduled me for a follow up and ended up giving me exactly what I wanted without any extra fee.  I appreciate them holding true to their brand promise and going the extra mile for me.  Thank you M Scott Salon.

Shanti D.
On the occasion of my mother's return to Iran, Scott prepared a thoughtful and lovely souvenier today. My mom is a very reserved woman but she became so emotional today that I never seen her like this before. She always loved this salon and work ethics. She was always tells me that people like Steve and Scott are rare.  She looked so beautiful today and she said Steve pays attention to every strand of hair. Our friends told her she looks 20 years younger after the haircut:-)  I just had to share how much Scott and his employees kindness, great work and warmth means so much to us and will cross the oceans!

Jackie B.
I was in SLC in business and had extra time at the end of the day and desperately needed a hair cut. Scott managed to squeeze me in on short notice. I'm so happy I found him! He asked me questions about my hair and lifestyle to determine what cut would be a good fit for me. I have long fine straight hair and he steered me clear from a high maintenance style that I initially requested  and created a beautiful yet manageable haircut. You could tell he knows what he is doing and was meticulous and careful with my hair. Now I have to fly back to SLC to get My hair done! Thank you Scott


Brent P.
Alexis, for the win!  I trusted Alexis with a crazy new style that I was super nervoius about, especially when she was in the middle of the actual cut.  But not only did she work with all my requests but it turned out to be the best hair cut/experience I have ever had!  My new style is a life changer!  I never thought I'd recommend that guys go to a real salon (instead of a barber shop), but I definitely would.  Short or long hair - GO!

The care that was taken shows in my hair. Felt in my heart! Lol it's mushy but it's true! Thanks Steven and Scott for a wonderful experience!

Phillip T.
A 5-star review!  “By far the best hair salon in Utah.”

Dave C.

I am a proud customer of Scott's studio because they accommodated a complete stranger. They reflect the ideals that I value personally. In addition to that, I was fortunate to find a highly skillful professional in Steve, who has the ability to intuitively make my ideas into a result far better than what I imagined. I consider both Scott and Steve friends. I appreciate what they do and consider myself a proud patron.



This was the best hair appointment I've ever had. Both the stylist and the owner were there working together. They listened to my feelings about my hair what my life is like and did a thorough discussion before even sitting me in the chair. I was treated with respect at all times and the process was so enjoyable that I can't wait to go back. My hair has never looked this amazing, they explained everything along the way, why they put oil in it, why they cut it a certain way, the reasoning behind the foil technique. I knew exactly what was going on and as a new client that was very reassuring. I left with the look I wanted, my hair feeling amazing and without paying too much. I'm so happy with it!

Rebecca J.    

Love this salon! Steve Mathews is awesome! I highly recommend him for any service! Fresh atmosphere! Awesome location!

Travis P.
Scott, I love my haircuts I get from your apprentice, and the attention he pays to my haircut, the most important task of course. 
He asks what I would like, and what is important to me for the visit.  Honestly he got me to change my cut I've had for years, he really is the best!  Thank You, I couldn't be more than pleased with your salon.

Scott, thank you for taking the time to help me out! You have gone above and beyond my expectations.  I will be happy to recommend your company to others. Thank you again.


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