​​​Perfect For All-Over Color Clients Who Prefer To Skip The Extras and Need Regular, Professional Grey Coverage

Our Express Retouch service features our MEGIX-10 10-minute color, and affords a grey-coverage application, shampoo and blowout within an hour!

Appealing Price Point

Express Color Retouch


* 1 Hour Application, Processing, and Blowout

* Appealing Price Point Means Affordable, Regular Maintenance

* PERFECT Option for Some Clients


  • Limited color palette-  while not suitable for all clients, it's perfect for those within the brunette, rich red or raven color spectrums.  
  • Express Color Retouch services are limited to approx 1" or less of regrowth, and the applied color should be at, or darker, than your natural level
  • This service is reserved for current clients ONLY, following a consultation with your stylist.  Ask your stylist if this service is the right fit for your overall coloring and retouch regimen.  
  • You may click to request this evaluation on any online booking or ask your stylist during your booked session. 

Once it's been determined your color goals fit with the  Express Retouch  palette options, you may easily avail yourself of the the Express Retouch booking options.  ​

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​​Request An Evaluation

* Current Clients Only

* Requires Advance Consult with Stylist

Click To Request Your Evaluation Within Any Online Booking or Ask Your Stylist!

Did You Know?  While other salons offer an "Express Retouch" option, their application is generally limited to your part line and perimeter ONLY... and you go home wet.  Our clients leave the studio looking and feeling their best, with complete coverage!

The Online Booking Options Available for Current Clients


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