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Personal Studio Of Fashion Hairdresser Scott M

celebrated.  unique.  personable.  finally.
celebrated.  unique.  personable.  finally.

Our staff of hair and make-up artists have been carefully chosen by Scott in order to offer our clients the highest level of service! 

Each member of our staff has something special to offer, at a price that is agreeable to every budget!

Scott M 
Senior Hairdresser and Mentor
Make-Up Artist

  • Price Point: $$$$$$
  • Long-Hair Specialist
  • Famous Long-Layered Haircuts
  • Exceptional Blow-Outs
Key Skills/Specialties: Long-Layered haircuts, highlights, brunettes, up-do's, blow-outs, runway and editorial hair dressage.
Scott M

Alexis Anderson

Associate Hair Dresser (Advanced), Make-Up Artist,
Brow Specialist,
and Prior Assistant/Apprentice to Scott M

  • Price Point: $$$

2013 RAW Hairstyling Artist The Year
and 2012 Runner-Up (Utah)

    Alexis has completed a one-year apprenticeship with        Scott M, and has learned advanced techniques under his direct tutelage

Key Skills/Specialties: Fashion Finishing, Up-Styles, Brow Shaping, Long Hair Cutting and Styling, Razor Sculpting, Bridal Hair

Alexis is a career-focused young professional who has already made something of a splash in the editorial and runway fashion community in her native Salt Lake City.  An early love of photography has led her to her true talent in hair dressing.

During her tenure
as Assistant to, and Apprentice under Scott she learne
d his techniques and disciplines as his protégé’ and her work reflects her post-graduate tuition under his tutelage.

She has a flair for classic styling, with the occasional avante-garde.  She loves creating magnificent beauty that evokes comment and is photo-ready.  Possessing additional talents with bridal styling, brow sculpting, wind-swept, beachy waves, long layers and evening-out up-styles, she has a terrific aptitude for make-up and a decided talent for photo-shoot preparation.

Despite a fresh start in a promising career, Alexis has, via her natural talent, leaped ahead of many a young colleagues and has worked with, and styled for several notable events, designers and photographers:

  • Featured Runway Hair Artist, RAW Artists Association
  • Hair Artist, ABC Channel 4, The Daily Dish
  • Hair Stylist, McCarty Modeling- 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Key Hair and Make-Up Stylist, 48-Hour Film Festival- 2012

Alexis loves using hair as a medium for her art and looks forward to doing your hair!

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Steve Mathews

Senior Hairstylist

  • Price Point: $$$$

Key Skills/Specialties: Up-Styles, Color, Women's Cuts

Like Scott, Steve is a thinking man and a perfectionist at heart.  A true artist, he has a background in interior design in addition to his exceptional talents in hair artestry. 

A specialist in hair color, he excels in this area of our craft- one that requires attention to detail.  In addition, Steve has a decided talent for classic and contemporary Up-Styles of all types, and he's been a popular talent with our weddings, styling workshops, and evening-out sessions!

He enjoys the interpersonal side of hair and style, and enjoys a special reward in helping each client express themselves while feeling comfortable with their self-portrayal.

Steve likes helping every person, one at a time, feel like a celebrity, and his clients love him for it!   He feels the "double-take" a client makes at themselves in the mirror when he's done is priceless. 

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Brett Colvin

Fashion Photographer

Key Skills/Specialties:  Fashion photography and portraiture, both in-studio and location-based.

Viewed by many to be this city's best photographer, Scott has known Brett for over 20 years.  Respected by his colleagues and clients alike, he's been a commercial photographer for nearly 30 years and has won many national and local awards for his photography including the Los Angeles Belding Award, Communication Arts Award, National Consumer Award, The Addy's, and more.  He enjoys taking pictures more than anything, and has a burning passion for it! 

We are proud to have Brett as a member of our talented staff.  Through his craft we are able to offer yet more services and packages that truly set our salon apart from the rest! 

While his work literally speaks for itself, Brett has the unique ability to describe both the technical, as well as the ephemeral aspect of his art.  His ability to capture the essence of his subject- be it an inanimate object or a client- is unequaled.  Well-known as being a prepared, reliable professional,  a  partial list of his clients includes:

Below is a partial photo collage of his work.  Feel free to click on any image for a larger view and to start a slide-show of his talent!