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celebrated.  unique.  personable.  finally.
celebrated.  unique.  personable.  finally.

Below is a mix of Scott's Portfolio and Action photos. Click on any link below to visit each photo collage (a slide-show can be started by clicking on any collage photo):

Feel free to visit additional portfolios for the other stylists in the salon!  Each member of my my talented staff has their own photo-collages!  Simply visit our Talent Page.
 Scott's Celebrated
Long-Layer Haircut

Scott has made a name for himself creating full, extroverted long layered haircuts that are versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of styles.  Long, attenuated, hand-sliced layers offer a style that's unique to each client.

Fun and easy to style using any tool including hot rollers, velcro rollers, curling irons or round brushes, this look is gorgeous and much-talked-about! 

Best of all perhaps is that this haircut looks fantastic the next day and, even when fresh, always exhibits a tussled, sexy look!

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Bridal Hair

Bridal services are tailored to your needs, and can include full-service hair care from studio, to church, to reception. 

Included below is a series of photos that illustrate how we provided a particular Bride with a Wedding Up-Do that lasted all day in the Texas heat during an outdoor wedding... despite her hair being super-fine.  By going "Old School" and performing a roller-set on her fine tresses she looked fantastic from morning till night!
Up-Do's are perfect for any occasion and can be tailored to be event-specific!  Perfect for "Girls Night Out", Anniversaries, Birthdays, Proms, Formals, and of course, Weddings
Misc. Client Hair and Make-Up

Included here are various photos of clients and Scott providing hair and/or make-up services for them.  From blondes, brunettes, the best highlights, and his much-talked-about long-layered cuts, to make-up... enjoy these snaps!
Misc. Photos

Here are a few photos of friends, clients, Scott, Special Events, and more!